Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to increase the volume of a video

Last Friday, my son Jo-Lo performed in the school assembly amongst a number of other kids (14 performances in all I believe).  He did a rather exemplary performance of Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head with ukulele accompaniment.  And he only learned how to play the ukulele a couple of months ago!  He isn't one to make a public appearance so this is a first and we are so proud of him!

I tried to take a video of his performance but all of us parents were at the far end of the room, and so, while the performances were quite audible, the camera was not able to pick it up that much.  I still wanted to preserve the video though for posterity's sake so I tried to fund a way to turn up the volume.  Luckily I found the video below.

The technique uses RealPlayer Converter to extract the audio, then Audacity to increase the volume, and finally Windows Live Movie Maker to put back the audio and video together. The only thing missing in my computer was Audacity, which was an easy download.

Here is the video. The original version's audio was so weak. I tried noise reduction (an Audacity feature) but with so much background noise in it, Jo-Lo's performance was affected as well, so I no longer did that.

I increased the volume only in his performance. I left the cheering towards the end intact, and his performance was enjoyed immensely by the crowd. We're so proud of Jo-Lo!

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