Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ubuntu error: cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO

I started installing Ubuntu 11.04 from a thumb drive into my home computer.  This installation will be within Windows, as I am not sure if my wife will be happy about the change.  I used wubi as instructed, but came up with this error message: "cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO".

It just might be the Windows XP acting up, I thought, and so I decided to try it at the office computer which runs on Windows 7.  Same error message.

A bit of research on the web resulted in a solution: place the ISO and wubi in the same folder.  And so I created a folder in Desktop which contained the ISO and wubi, and left the thumb drive which contained the system generated by the Universal USB Installer plugged in.

I double-clicked wubi and it started reading off the thumb drive.  And voila... installation successful!

I rebooted and when the system came up again I chose Ubuntu for my OS and it continued its installation.  After another reboot, Ubuntu was live!

From a novice's point of view, the Unity interface is indeed a bit confusing.  For one, I wanted the fonts to be smaller and my screen can display at a higher resolution.  I also tried installing Chromium but could not figure out how to do it.

At least it's installed now.  Will try it at home too so I can play with it a bit more.
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