Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bad Piggies - it's their turn!

Bad Piggies comes from Rovio, developer of the wildly popular Angry Birds. This time around, it's pigs who have a go at having an adventure.  And what a fun game this is!

At first, I thought the game was all about stealing eggs, as the pigs were inclined to do in Angry Birds. But it's a surprisingly different fare altogether. A pig (or two) has to ride through a number of obstacles to travel the distance from point A to point B. And you, the player, gets to be the mechanic/engineer/designer of their mode of transportation.

You are given a number of tools to work with in every stage. The travel is time dependent (you are awarded stars for your effort, much like Angry Birds) and you can repeat a level to pick up items located in areas other than the designated path. There can even be shortcuts, so it pays to explore the area before planning and building your transport. The game is intuitive and uses the touch interface really well (for an Android tablet anyway, we have not tested this on a phone).

Drag the vehicle components into a grid to assemble your vehicle. Arrows at the top of the screen enables you to drag everything together if you find that you need the extra space. This way, you do not have to start over with your build.

This game is fun! My son and I have had quite a few laughs when our inventions fail abysmally. It's a thinking game; you need to work out how to reach the end of the course given the tools available. Use them all, or leave some behind, it's up to you.

You also need to use a bit of timing on using these tools (such as blowing up TNT, or opening and closing umbrellas for gliding purposes, or running the engines to fire up the fans). It's a nice game for grown-ups and school-age kids alike.

Visit the website to learn more and download for free.  As of this writing, the game is available for the PC, from the App Store, and from Google Play.

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