Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Drive

Yes! This is a service that I have been anticipating for Google to come up with.  It is a natural addition to the other products that Google already has on offer.  Take GMail, for example.  While the 10MB file limit is great - and more than sufficient - for a number of attachments, some specialised applications tend to generate file sizes greater than this, so moving it around can be a problem (unless you currently have Dropbox; don't have iCloud so can't comment on that).

This does come at an opportune time, because somebody approached me just last week asking how he can email his 12MB Illustrator file to himself from work.  I had a fairly straightforward solution for him, because our internal system allows him to access his network drive from home.  But Google Drive opens up more possibilities.  And a free 4GB disk space isn't so bad either.

There are some concerns about intellectual rights though, so I'm still on the lookout for any developments on this before I try it out.

Read more: Google Blog

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