Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dropbox: convenient storage in the Cloud

Do you have a Dropbox account? You should, especially if you regularly share files or you need access to these wherever you are across a number of internet-aware gadgets.

But even if you do not need really need your own space in the Cloud, a place where you can store scanned important documents is a great idea.

Dropbox is essentially a file storage area in the Cloud. You might think that you already have a similar service. If you have iCloud, then you just might have.

- Google Docs is different because Dropbox caters to a wider range of file formats
- Evernote is for collecting website addresses only
- Pinterest is also for collecting links online resources in a graphical format.

Dropbox goes a step further by creating a virtual drive on your computer which you can use like a regular folder but in the background, it syncs the content with the Cloud so you can access it via a browser interface or on another computer which has Dropbox in it (you need to download an app for this). Another strength of Dropbox is the ability to share files and folders, even with non-Dropbox users.

So create your Dropbox Account today! 2GB free space.

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