Friday, July 6, 2012

The missing Lego manual - found!

I brought out the Indiana Jones Lego planes this morning so that my son and his friend can play with it.  But when I arrived, I did not expect these to be disassembled.  Apparently, the friend tried to make the plane fly and of course it resulted with disaster.

Well, not a total disaster, of course, as Lego is meant to be assembled and disassembled!  But as a display item, we needed to reconstruct the planes and the problem is we no longer have the Lego manual.

A quick search however resulted in an awesome site where a wide assortment of Lego manuals, searchable either by product number or by keywords.  We found the manual we needed in a jiffy and fixed the plane!


Now, I can finally reassemble the X-Wing Lego kit which I disassembled a couple of years ago and sitting tucked away in my cabinet.

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