Thursday, October 16, 2008

Google Chrome

This move is probably one of the more predictable Google projects. They have invented one of the most successful search engines there is, along with the popular Google Earth, Gmail, Google Maps, and a lot more. It just makes sense that they will release a browser that will tie the internet experience together.

Like the simple Google Search interface, Google Chrome looks straightforward enough. An address bar on top which doubles as the search engine interface, forward and back buttons, reload, bookmark, and a couple more buttons. Below it is the bookmarklet bar, and then the blank screen which gets populated by screenshots of your frequently-visited sites at Google Chrome learns your browsing habits.

There's even an incognito mode of browsing whereby activities done on this window is not logged into the history log, and cookies deleted when the incognito browser is closed.

Google Chrome borrows components from Apple's Webkit and Mozilla Firefox, and is also being offered free in the spirit of the open community.

Sadly, the browser is currently available for Windows only, but a Mac and Linux version are in the works.

Google Chrome is touted to be faster and handles complex web applications better. I have been trying out the browser and it's easy to use. I don't know if I'm just getting the feel-good spirit of using Google products, but I feel the browser is indeed more responsive. Faster, too. Try it for yourself by downloading a copy.

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