Sunday, October 19, 2008

PC slowing down? Use a Registry Cleaner

I recently faced a dilemma with my PC: it was slowing down. Very noticeable from the way the Start panel crawls its way into the screen, and waiting for applications to load was just unbearable. So I decided to do something about it.

There are certain factors you need to look into when your PC becomes sluggish. There might be a misbehaving program, too many TSRs are invading its memory, it has little disk space left, the registry is filled with too many programs wanting to get into the action, physical defect. I can discuss the others in some other time, but right now what I am interested in is the registry.

When we install applications into the computer, these insert bits of code into the registry. These are paths which tell the computer where to fetch instructions. However, when we uninstall apps, the registry does not always get updated. There are rogue bits of code there that would love to stay. So the computer looks at the registry and gets bogged down as the list increases.

What to do? Clean the registry. Fortunately, you don't have to learn rocket science to do this. In my end, I simply Googled "registry cleaner" and got a lot of hits. That is where this post comes in: to recommend a product I think might help you as well.

I'm feeling stingy at present, so I do not want to buy software. I was hoping a freeware will do the trick. I downloaded one product, but after downloading and checking out my registry and finding around 1,400 errors, it only offered to clean up 200 of these, and asked me to cough up $29 to get the full product. Mama Mia. What a nice way hook a customer into buying.

Thus, I did a little bit of searching in forums to check on which registry cleaner others would recommend and came up with the Wise Cleaner. I checked it out, and learned that unlike the previous product which I immediately uninstalled, WiseCleaner will completely go through the detection and clean-up process. And if you want other perks such as optimizing your computer, only then will you pay up. Nice, isn't it? So I downloaded the software and it did its job.

Of course, messing around the registry can be hazaradous to your computer's health. WiseCleaner can give you the option of cleaning out only those registry entries that can be safely handled, and leave those that pose a bit of risk.

And while you're at it, download the Wise Disk Cleaner Free as well, to remove those temporary files left scattered about by programs. This one freed up around 220MB in my hard disk.

And since I did not pay anything for their superb software, I'd like to return the favor by recommending them. Give Wise Registry Cleaner 3 Free a whirl!

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