Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to save photos from the iPhone into your computer without iTunes

I was using a Mac with iTunes in the office so naturally I downloaded my photos there. But when I left, I have a Windows XP computer with no iTunes in it, and I was concerned about syncing the iPhone into another iTunes because it can erase what's inside my iPhone.

I Googled on how to get the photos from the iPhone without iTunes. And the answer was simple! Connect the iPhone via USB and Windows Explorer will show it as an attached digital camera. Click on the camera, and you will have a list of the photos to copy!

It wasn't that simple with mine, however. Windows Explorer showed that it was connected but it couldn't see any photos.

That was until a few minutes ago. My kid took the phone and was playing with it when I attached it to the computer. A prompt asked me what to do with the iPhone. I chose the scanner and camera wizard. And viola! It copied all the photos into my hard disc!

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