Thursday, June 19, 2008

Digital Photo Frame

I got interested in Digital Photo Frames because I am anticipating on going on a long trip pretty soon and I want to bring along photos. Not just a couple but albums of them. But it's going to be bulky bringing physical albums with me. This was actually one reason why I bought my iPhone: to store lots of photos. But it's not exactly meant to be a photo frame because having it turned on for most of the day will result in the battery being drained too soon.

So what's the next option for me? A digital photo frame. I actually got one last December. My colleague Pauline had noticed me eyeing one during those times and she offered to share the cost 50/50 as her Christmas gift to me. Isn't she nice? So I agreed; we split the almost 6,000 pesos cost and went home happy with my new gift.

The one I bought had built-in slots for a multitude of memory card formats. It does not have a built-in memory; the number of photos you can store depends on the file sizes and the memory your card has. Aside from this, you can also play MP3s through it's built-in speakers. It can also play videos in the Quicktime format. It even has a remote, and can display photos while music is being played simultaneously. Nice, huh?

However, one major caveat I experienced with this photo frame is that the image resolution is not so good. Plus, the display is a bit dark. I guess I could have waited for prices to drop and more models and brands to enter the market but at that time, the next option for the DFP is 14,000 pesos! And I never thought that six months down the line, there would be better DFP offers from the likes of Kodak at the price I paid for last December. Darn.

I'm thinking of selling my current DFP at a marked-down rate and buy a better model. Lesson learned: don't be overly eager to buy your gadgets; have it demoed first. That's what we failed to do last December and relied on the brochure and the nice photo on its packaging. Double Darn. And compare prices! Triple Darn. And be patient! Quadruple Darn!

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