Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Globe Telecoms to offer iPhone 3G in the Philippines

There is a new iPhone in the market! Well, in the next few months, that is. A 3G version will finally be available, and this was announced recently by Steve Jobs. One advantage of the iPhone 3G is that internet browsing will be faster through this technology as opposed to Edge.

As an early adopter of the iPhone, I was of course expecting some sort of development in the following months. Would I have waited for these developments to happen before I bought one? Nah. The novelty of having an iPhone while it is not yet available in the market is a thrill for any gadget freak. And I tell you, it is a phone unlike any other that I had, and I had used quite a number of phone models. It's like having the future of phones today. And right now, we are seeing a lot of phone developers following the huge touch-screen interface bandwagon.

Plus, my iPhone has learned a few Filipino words, making it relatively easier to send SMS.

And it's good news for Globe Telecoms subscribers... iPhone 3G will be available through this Telco come July!

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