Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wishing for WALL-E

There have been more than a couple of instances where I got all excited about a toy, but because of its steep price, these have all become just flights of fancy. In the past, I wished for my very own Astromech Droid, Lego Technic, Aibo. And now here comes another toy that I would love to have!

The WALL-E Robot Toy has audio and vision sensors, fully-articulating tank treads, remote control (though it can also act on its own), and collision detection. And as an added bonus, WALL-E looks like a younger brother to the 80s character Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit! I have seen some videos in the Net featuring the WALL-E Robot toy in action and it's to drool for!

But am I willing to shell out US$199.00 for it?


I guess I will have to settle for an Origami WALL-E.

(Looks at the paper pattern)

Maybe not.

WALL-E! Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy!

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