Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Adsense 10 Challenge

I learned about this 10-week masterclass only this afternoon, and this had already started last week!  Good thing registrations are still being accepted so I have signed up and will now try to catch up with 1.5 weeks' worth of sessions.
Simply explained, the Challenge marks the 10th anniversary of Google Adsense, and their publishers are now being offered the opportunity to learn how to maximize use of Adsense and understand how it works.  This is a really good deal, because you would normally pay someone to teach you Adsense, or wade through online tutorials and books as another way to learn about this service.  But I believe a classroom environment (through Google Hangouts) coupled with discussions and interaction with fellow publishers would be a more effective way to learn.  So here is our chance!

Learn more about the Adsense 10 Challenge and register!

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