Saturday, July 6, 2013

Codeacademy - making coding fun and interactive

I have been studying CSS for quite some time now, although 80% of the time is devoted to reading and understanding the code by reading books.  That said, I am gaining a better appreciation of CSS coding, thanks to Codeacademy.  Simply put, the site is a place where you can learn about coding in an interactive manner.  You will be given an explanation about what a particular command is, then the syntax, and then it asks you to try it out yourself.  It's very effective.

I am currently doing the CSS route, and I find it enjoyable and simple to use.  I suggest, though, that you still accompany your e-learning with a book on hand (really great that I can borrow books from the local library!).  It is unavoidable that you will encounter terminologies that may not be explained in detail in the website, so you need to resort to other references.  In fact, the Internet may just as well be a good reference point for these.

Head over to Codeacademy and see what you can learn today.  Currently there's HTML/CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP and APIs.  It's an excellent companion to your studies.

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G said...

this might be the perfect tool for me. i having a hard time leaning those codes. at least, now i can have a better understanding how these codes work and how to construct them... thanks bepren! will visit this the site.

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