Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Get your colours right via Pictaculous

Whenever I get asked to do a website, the first thing I always ask first is their logo. The reason I do this is because the logo can give me an idea of the color scheme for the site, and sometimes even the layout. You need to match the website with the overall branding, for which the logo (and the typeface used) encompasses this.

Getting the colour right can sometimes be a major hurdle though.  I have been using colour wheels before, but I have just recently found this online service which makes choosing the right colours even easier.

Pictaculous works just like my colour-choosing strategy, as I have described above.  It's really easy to use.  Simply upload an image (PNG, GIF, JPG, no larger than 500KB), then click the Get My Palette button.

For this example, I used the Lego logo.  Pictaculous will dissect and display the colour composition of the logo, and then provide you with swatch suggestions, particularly from Kuler and Colourlovers.  Well... you'll still need to narrow down the choices to your preference, but at least it's a more manageable task vs checking out all possibilities.

Give Pictaculous a try.

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