Thursday, July 25, 2013

Android Apps for toddlers

With an Android tablet changing hands in our household, it is inevitable that my 2-year old daughter would get curious and have a play with it too!  So naturally I had to install some apps which may be of use to her.  Here are some apps that keep her busy and entertained (the names link directly to Google Play):

Baby Phone - Musical Baby Game
It's colourful, it has boxes with numbers on them that wiggle, and it has a variety of nursery songs too!  The free version is ad-supported, but the ads do not get in the way - so far.  Our daughter is getting familiar with the songs and loves to sing along, although with baby talk of course.

Kids Doodle - Color & Draw
Of course, my daughter's doodles are not as fine-tuned a drawing as in the illustration shown here, but she has lots of fun with it nonetheless, especially with the fluorescent paints!  Also free.

Baby Flashcards
She already knows Apple and Banana, and with the help of this app, she will learn more words!  There are various flashcard groups to choose from: letters, numbers, animals, vehicles, furniture, colours.  The images and words are animated and suited well to touch-screen devices, with accompanying voice-overs and music.  Free!

Kids Paintings Coloring Book
Our daughter doesn't know yet how to change the colours, but she loves to wipe her fingers across the screen, and that is all there is to it when using this app.  She is fascinated with how the page becomes coloured in the areas that she touches.  This needs a bit of supervision though because of the need to touch certain areas to change the colours and pages, or else she gets a bit bored with the same screen.  Free!

There's a couple other apps that we have installed, but they are not seeing as much action as these four.  Hope this selection helps you with getting your wee ones occupied too!

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