Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome to Jo-Lo's Hangout!

My son Jo-Lo has just launched his own YouTube Channel.  It's called Jo-Lo's Hangout.  Here is his first video:

This Channel was actually inspired by The Warehouse's Annual Toy Sale, and part of this month-long sale is a chance to become a Toy Tester.  One needs to purchase at least $30 worth of toys and a video to go along with the entry.  For Jo-Lo's video, we thought it will be great for him to do a simple review of his purchase.  And before we knew it, the Hangout was born!

Do subscribe to my son's channel.  Thanks!  He will be talking about toys, games, action figures, movies, TV shows, perhaps some books too (!), arts and crafts, some fun stuff he may have done, and loads more.

While a lot of the options are straightforward, here are couple of things that got me stumped:

Change the url of your Youtube Channel
- It took me a while to find this; there's so many links to explore in YouTube!  But I finally found it, thanks to YouTubeHelp

How to turn on Safety Mode
- To hopefully help with monitoring content.  This tip also comes from YouTubeHelp.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yay! Goodluck Jo-Lo! :)

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