Saturday, July 13, 2013

Google Currents - news for people on the go

I bring a number of things to keep me occupied in my daily work commute. Besides paper-based reading materials, my Android tablet has become an indispensable companion. I download the Coursera course materials for the week (mostly video, which is really nice). And when I’m not doing that, I read the news and tech updates courtesy of Google Currents.

Simply defined, Google Currents is a news aggregator app which is available for Android and Apple devices. The feature that I am most happy about is its offline reading ability. Every morning, I sync the App so it downloads the latest news items (by simply clicking “sync now” under settings) and then it’s ready when I leave.

Originally I turned off image downloading but a couple of days ago because I was worried about the space it might occupy. But I allowed the app to download the images as well and now I simply prefer reading with the images on as it makes the experience more engaging. Plus, I can now view photos from 500px even while offline, which is great. And this has not affected the tablet performance.

Give Google Currents a try.

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