Friday, January 6, 2012

What's that font?

I was helping out with a website project of some friends and wanted to re-do the logo.  Unfortunately nobody has a PSD or AI file to work with and I was not sure what font was used.  A friend suggested using the What the Font service of the website  All you need to do is basically upload an image of the font in question and the system will try to identify it for you.

Was it able to identify the font I needed?

It was a bit close, but there were some unique traits to the font that the suggested alternatives did not quite possess.

Undaunted, I tried to check whether the system is indeed capable of making an accurate identification.  I created an image file, which can be seen below.
I used Times New Roman, bold, for this test.  The height is 109px (the system recommends 100px).  

I uploaded this file, and the system asked me to help identify some of the letters
I could only properly identify 3 and t at the bottom row so I indicated those in the boxes provided for an clicked Continue.

I was then given some suggestions on the font to use

'Times New Roman' was not on the list, however.  The suggested fonts list point to resources where you can purchase the font suggested.  I wonder though if the system is programmed to exclude fonts that come with operating systems?

I have not yet come across any similar service as this.  Any suggestion?

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