Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Android-powered Ukulele Chords

I installed a couple of apps on my Android phone to help me with checking out ukulele tabs without having to scan through the books.  This one's the best so far because of the straightforward interface and chord illustration.  It is intended for ukuleles prepped on the G-C-E-A tuning.

There are a couple of setbacks though.  First, the sliding bar at the left and top do not react as smoothly as expected when a sliding gesture is made.  Secondly, the illustration does not point out which finger goes to where.  Good thing I have learned how the chords are played from the books so I am familiar with how the chords are played from the photos, but it may confuse others.

For A Major (above photo) for example, the first (pointing) finger rests on the third string of the first fret, and the second (middle) finger rests on the fourth string of the second fret.  The other two strings are left as is.  Without having prior knowledge of the chords, the above illustration can be a puzzle.

Nonetheless, I find this Android app very useful.

Get your free copy of Ukulele Chords (LE) from the Android Market
(photo credit: from the same site)

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