Thursday, October 6, 2011

Link Facebook to Twitter, and other link-ups

This is old news I know, but in case you are still not aware of it, this may be a good thing to have for your social media efforts.

You can link your Facebook Page to Twitter.  Sorry, your personal profile is not supported.  I am working on this as part of an online project at the office.  So now I can link our Facebook Page to Twitter.  We might try linking up the website to Twitter as well; right now the solution I know for that is via Twitterfeed.

I just might do this with my blogs too!  Right now, my blogs 'feed' to Twitterfeed, which posts to Twitter and Facebook.  I will limit my blog to posting to Twitter via Twitterfeed and let NetworkedBlogs display my blog posts in Facebook.

It can get a bit confusing, but this is actually a much better dilemma than the one I was faced before when there were no options available! :-)

Do you have a preferred solution you use to link-up?

And I haven't touched Google+ yet...

To link your Facebook Page to Twitter, visit this site in Facebook.

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