Friday, September 2, 2011

Drupal's block weight control missing

I have just created another Block in our Drupal CMS and I needed this to appear as the first in a column of blocks. The problem is, the block weight option has somehow disappeared.

Apparently, if you have lots of blocks, the weighting system would act up and "walk out" on you. I searched around for a fix and found one that's easy to implement. It requires turning off Javascript capability of your browser. I use Google Chrome heavily and would not like to dabble with its settings and forget later on what switches I turned off. So I used Firefox 5.0 in this case. The solution involved turning Javascript off.

Here is a sample block with weight control gone:
Click Firefox - Options

Uncheck "enable Javascript" tick box
Click OK.

Voila.  Weight control visible.  Now I just have to remember to use Firefox if I want this feature.

Where was I able to get this fix? At  Thanks guys.

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