Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your online personal branding through Gravatar

Have you ever wondered how people are able to comment on blogs and sites where commenting is enabled, and they would have their photo or personalized icon beside their entry?

This made possible through the magic of Gravatar.  I have been using this service for a long time now, four years or more I think.  And it's been great seeing how my comments would leave a customized photo behind instead of the randomly-generated avatar generated by the system in case you don't use Gravatar.  I think I came across this service during my foray into Wordpress some years ago.  The system works seamlessly with Wordpress.  In fact, you can use your Wordpress login credentials to access Gravatar.  (Blogger uses their own system, where your profile photo is the one that gets displayed when you comment in Blogspot blogs)

Best of all, the service is free!  All you need is to provide your email.  And then you need to verify that you have indeed requested access to Gravatar.  Once you're in, you can immediately upload and start using a photo of your choice (subject to reasonable regulations, of course).

Visit Gravatar and start personalizing your internet brand.

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