Friday, July 15, 2011

Toggle "Promoted to front page" in Drupal

We are building a community-based website at work where we will have a number of people uploading content, be it a news item or a blog post, or a calendar event.  Drupal is really powerful for this sort of thing.  However, with all the options available, it is easy to get lost in the system.  Which is why I have this blog to keep track of things!

We do not want everyone to have the power to promote their content onto the home page; only the relevant ones should, and only the admins and select people should be able to do this.  The best way is to install the Override Node Options module.  "Publish", "Promote to front page", and "Sticky at top of list" is always bundled together so you can really have a problem with promoting stuff by lots of people.  The said module gives you the power to separate these into distinct abilities.

And for people who have admin or similar access, it is a hassle when "Promoted to front page" is turned on automatically.  What if they do not want their article to appear on the home page?

Here is where you toggle this feature.

Go to admin - content - types.  In your address bar, it will look like this:
[your domain name]/admin/content/types

You will then see a list of your content types.  Click on "edit" at the right-hand menu.

Click on "Workflow settings", uncheck "Promoted to front page", and click the "Save content type" button.
All done.

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