Friday, June 3, 2011

The Google+1 button

I was updating my food blog when I noticed something out of the ordinary... a new service had joined my share buttons with a "+1" on it.  I soon found out it's Google's +1 button with website at

Essentially, it's a way of recommending website content.  You came across a certain page or product online that you like, for example, but would not spend too much time blogging or tweeting about it.  So you can "+1" it instead.  It's like "digging" or "liking" an article I guess.

But, based on the video on the homepage, this one is tightly integrated with Google Search, the most powerful search engine there is currently.  Which makes me wonder, will this also have bearing on their algorithm for generating search results?

Oh, and you need a Google Account to use this service.


Beck said...

I also noticed the +1 button, what's that for?

Nick Ballesteros said...

Hi Beck. I guess it works similar with the Like button for Facebook but this one has a bigger reach because it's by Google... not sure if it can affect search results

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