Friday, May 27, 2011

Love the Ubuntu font

I've taken a liking to the Ubuntu font.  It's easy to read and stylishly simple!  Wondering if I can actually have a copy of the Ubuntu font in my system (Windows system that is, as I still use Microsoft products at work), I tried a quick Google search which lead me to

And the font, as I expected, was freely distributable!  So I downloaded my copy and installed it in Windows 7.  The installation process is simple: unzip the downloaded package, then double-click each instance of the font and click the Install button.

Another good news is that the Ubuntu font can be used in websites using the CSS font-family property coupled with the Google Font API code.  The instructions are clearly written in the Ubuntu Font site.

Clearly, I cannot do this here in Blogspot, nor in Google Sites.  But I wish it can be included in the choice list soon!

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