Monday, July 27, 2009

Google Moon?

I think this feature was launched at the same day we celebrated the moon landings, which was last week. According to the introductory page, with Moon on Google Earth you can:
* Take tours of landing sites, narrated by Apollo astronauts
* View 3D models of landed spacecraft
* Zoom into 360-degree photos to see astronauts' footprints
* Watch rare TV footage of the Apollo missions

It must have been an awe-inspiring time to see man walking on the moon. It ushered in a new frontier that captured our imagination as to what man can do and achieve. Like many kids my generation who were born at the time when space became a place of adventure (coupled with Star Wars movies!), I also dreamed of becoming an astronaut and fly an X-Wing someday!

The moon walk is still considered one of man's greatest achievements, and well into this century, we have yet to see this feat duplicated. The ISS is making sure though that we still have our sights set on space, but this time around it's no longer for domination and a space race of sorts, but now its for the benefit of humankind.

You need to download the Google Earth application to use this feature. I have not done it so myself but head on to Google Earth and start your own lunar adventure!

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