Friday, May 22, 2009


When I think Playlist, I think iTunes. This playlist functionality enables me to categorize my songs and choose from which playlist my iPhone would sync to, depending on my mood.

Ummm... ok. I am not that picky about my songs actually. What I have is one huge playlist that jumbles up everything so I get a different rhythm every time. I like it that way. is no different in that it enables you to choose songs that you would most likely have in your favorite mp3 player. But the cool part is, your playlist is in the Net so you can actually listen to it anywhere you are (for as long as there is internet connection).

Another innovative feature is you can share your playlist by posting it in your online community! Supports MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Tagworld Gaia, Hi5, Stickam.

Oh wait... Facebook is not yet supported. Work in progress.

You may also "pop-out" the music player so it stays in its own browser window.

Wanna listen to my playlist? Visit and listen to my song preferences!

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