Friday, April 17, 2009

Stink-free underwear, anyone?

Well, this isn't another gadget, gizmo, or a game for that matter, but this is something equally interesting, isn't it? Let's have a scenario... what if you were stranded on an island and only have a few articles of clothing with you? Underwear that resists stink-formation, dries up easily, and is comfortable to boot is something that will really come in handy. No need to go for that Tarzan look!

Come to think of it, some people don't even make a daily change of underwear in this urban jungle! ewww.

If you guessed the Japanese are behind this invention, that's a lucky guess! But aren't they behind crafty inventions anyways? This one, though is being seriously considered for use in space. Designed by researcher Yoshiko Taya, this underwear (and clothes using the same technology) kill bacteria, insulate the body, dries quickly, flame resistant, and anti-static. It can keep you spic and span for a week! How clothes can suddenly become all hi-tech is a wonderment to me, but Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata is currently testing these in the International Space Station. Which is a really clever application for such clothing, because you do not exactly have a washing machine buzzing merrily in the ISS.

Reference: Yahoo! News

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