Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free screenshot editor

I rely on the printscreen-MSPaint-Picture Manager combo to get screenshots of sites I would like to talk about. But then - surprise surprise! - I discovered that Paint is missing in this PC! My son Jo-Lo must have been tinkering around with this computer again. Nothing I can do about that, since the installation disc was left in the Philippines. So I googled around for a free, lightweight screenshot editor. Something that will simply enable me to capture the screen display and then I can edit using Picture Manager.

My third download gave me the tool I need. Very small file size, and it has a no-brainer interface. In fact, after downloading, I installed and launched Capture-A-Screen. The options are immediately apparent. Choose the path where the screenshot is going to be stored, type in a name (or use the default name "capture") to which it will append 1,2,3..., then choose if you want to capture the entire screen or part of it only. The small option window gets out of the way when the screenshot is made, indicating that it is not part of the capture.

I got the file download from It has a list of free screenshot editors. Just head on to the second in the list to get Capture-A-Screen.

Unfortunately, I cannot make a screenshot of the application itself because as I mentioned awhile ago, it gets out of the way. This is a free utility. Thanks!

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