Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Firebug: icky powerful

This nifty software I learned about just yesterday. A colleague was busy on his Mac as I reported for work. He was extremely happy with his new software add-on for the Firefox. It was the firebug.

A what?, I asked. He pointed to a small, insect-like icon at the bottom of the screen. Oooh, a Firebug. His Firefox screen was split horizontally, and while the upper section highlights rectangular blocks of the website, the lower bottom shows the code for it. Very nifty tool for people engaged in web design!

Since I'm currently studying CSS, I Googled for the Firebug and was immediately transported to its website. My first reaction was a revolting "ewwwwww!" Sorry, I am like people in general; small bugs are ok for me but this one's huge! And I was surprised at how they could have chosen this particular bug for their icon. :-).

But after the initial shock has worn off, I began exploring the website. It's truly a cool web development tool. Aside from showing the code the comprise the website, it can also give you download times of the components. This is especially helpful in determining why you may be having a problem with loading times.

Plus, you can edit code on the fly and see it take effect instantly. It also has a monitoring tool which alerts you to problematic code.

Firebug is so icky, it's so wonderful.

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