Sunday, August 31, 2008

Diner Dash for the PSP

Sometimes gamers want something to while away their time while falling in line for the ATM or at the supermarket, and it just doesn't feel right to be starting out with a campaign that will outlast the queue. Well, here's a game that can fulfill that requirement.

Diner Dash for the PSP involves making customers happy as you, the waiter (well, ok, waitress... wish we can change the character gender), ummm, waits on them. You can finish a segment of your shift in under 5 minutes.

The game is rather simple, actually. Just serve customers and make them happy. But is it that simple when the peak times arrive? It becomes a challenge when you have to seat the power lunch crowd who likes their peace and quiet with the celfone-yapping dudes and families with brawling kids. And then there's the food critic who would love to write about your service, be it a praise or a splash of cold reality.

Gaming is supposed to be a relaxing pasttime, but you will soon find yourself engrossed with Diner Dash, and hoping that the next round will have better tips.

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